About Scroozle’s Sanctuary

June 2015 (1)

Scroozle’s Sanctuary began in 2007 as The Scribe of Scroozle. It initially started as a blog to document how my life changed as I transitioned from life in Porters Lake, Nova Scotia, to Daegu, Korea. Its first posts were written before I had graduated from Dalhousie University, and before I had applied to teach EFL in Korea.

While in Korea, the blog was fairly similar to other expat blogs, although it was updated continuously throughout the years, and never pandered to a particular audience. A big part of the blog was the inclusion of videos. The blog and videos worked in tandem to showcase expat life in Korea in a manner most expats weren’t doing in 2007.

Eventually, the videos moved from Google Video to YouTube, and the blog moved from Google’s Blogger service, to WordPress. 2010 was my final year in Daegu, and in 2011 I moved to Gangneung. The change in Korean cities ushered in a new workplace perspective, as I went from being a teacher at a hagwon, to a teacher at a public middle school.

I showed how unscripted life unfolded in Gangneung. I made it my site’s mission to document life for EPIK teachers, as well as my real interactions with students. Around that time, I also decided to produce more serious topics on the site to help fellow teachers with their personal EFL journeys in Korea.

In 2015, I returned to Canada, after being accepted into the University of Ottawa’s two year Baccalaureate of Education programme. As of 2016, this site will slowly change to reflect the Ontario educational system, and my own professional journey.